Xperia Z1, Mobile Official Name sony MP 20

Xperia Z1, Mobile Official Name sony MP 20
Some time ago came the news that Sony will introduce new smartphone on 4th September.

Leaked specifications and photos have been widely circulated, but there are not clear: what is the official name for the device which is referred to as "Honami" is?  As is known, Honami is the code name used to refer to the new smart phone.

The final name itself will most likely be different.  Well, according to a "senior member" XDA forum who has a track record reveal Sony Xperia models, Honami will have official calls "Xperia Z1" or "Xperia Z One".  If true, then Sony would follow the lead of LG is already changing the schema name of his high-end smartphone to be "G2".

Xperia Xperia name Z1 or Z One potentially confusing themselves as ever before Sony already has a name similar to a smart phone, the Xperia Z, Xperia ZR, and Z Ultra.

Other news has been circulating first mention that Honami will have a final name Xperia i1. Sony is also allegedly preparing Honami version of 'mini', as has been done Samsung and HTC with their flagship product. 

Whatever you call later, Honami apparently going to be a smartphone with the power and features capable. Kitchen runway is reinforced smart phone Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 2.2 GHz speed 800. While, Gamera catches 20.7 megapixel images can be enjoyed in its big screen size of 5 inches.

As in the picture above, Honami (or Xperia Z1, Z One, or i1) is predicted to be rolled with a choice of three colors, namely black, white, and purple.
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